Monday May 20th, 2024
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Cairo Marriott Hotel’s Wedding Packages Bring Elegance to Ever After

This iconic venue offers stunning venues, incredible food, and big savings to make your special day even better.

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Cairo Marriott Hotel’s Wedding Packages Bring Elegance to Ever After

Between saying ‘yes’ to the ring and ‘I do’ to the future, there is one more decision to make: the wedding venue. Thankfully, when the person you love says ‘Marry Me at Cairo Marriott,’ it’s pretty easy to agree.

This iconic hotel is a symbol of opulence and luxury, full of palatial ballrooms and lavish gardens that give you a wide spectrum of settings to start your Happily Ever After. Float down the Salon Royal’s sweeping grand staircase, or swirl across Salon Vert’s shining marble floors. To throw the biggest party possible, ask for the Aida ballroom, Cairo Marriott Hotel’s largest venue. For a wedding with a panoramic Nile view, step into the clouds at Almaz, Cairo Marriott Hotel's romantic rooftop spot. Or, for the more down-to-earth couple, step into the hotel’s spacious gardens, where lush greenery puts a fairytale finish on your special day.

But these gorgeous locations are not the only benefits of Cairo Marriott Hotel’s wedding packages. Here’s the icing on the wedding cake: 15% savings and a feast-worthy spread for weddings held during Eid El Fitr and Eid Al Adha. When you marry at Cairo Marriott Hotel, you gain access to the luxury hotel’s expert team of chefs who are ready with a special selection of International and fusion dishes.

To find out more about weddings at Cairo Marriott Hotel, call 01203727019 or email


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