Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Get Your Dog Pampered in Sahel with ZED and EGYPuppy

Real Estate moguls ZED Egypt are teaming up with EGYPuppy to give your beach bum puppies some tender love and care in the North Coast this weekend.

CairoScene Team

Get Your Dog Pampered in Sahel with ZED and EGYPuppy

There is no sight in this world that warms the heart more than seeing your little floof frolic and run about on the beach like a mad dog, attacking the waves, digging into the sand, stealing freska from strangers. However, the feeling that follows is usually one of despair as they spend the rest of the trip with matted hair, wet and muddy, terrorizing your furniture.

Well if you're heading to the beach this weekend in the North Coast, it's time to let the dogs (stand) out - ZED Egypt has teamed up with EGYPuppy to give you some respite. From 10 AM to 10 PM on Friday, August 14th, they'll be providing free pampering and grooming for your dogs at Hacienda Red, Gate 1, so that your pet can sparkle and your vacation together can spark happiness. You must register first, though, and registration is open all day today, August 13th, at the ZED sales office in Hacienda Red Clubhouse.


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