Monday February 26th, 2024
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Mobader The Leadership Program Empowering Egyptian Orphaned Youth

Led by Egyptian NGO Wataneya, the Mobader Leadership program is carving out a safe space for orphaned youth.

Cairo Scene

Led by Egyptian NGO Wataneya, the Mobader Leadership program is amplifying the voices of orphaned youth, carving out a safe space for them to make their needs known and thrive.

“Children and youth without parental care in Egypt have many challenges across both childhood and adulthood,” Azza Abdel Hamid, founder and CEO of Wataneya, tells CairoScene. “The social stigma, and lack of resources makes it harder for them to access opportunities with the same degree as their peers.”

The program worked with 21 youths to develop their personal and professional skills, and better prepare them to lead independent and fulfilling lives. The itinerary is also designed in collaboration with the participants themselves, giving them the space to express their visions early on and set their own priorities.

“Orphaned youth are the best advocates for their cause, and are the most capable of tackling pressing challenges faced by their fellow children and youth without parental care inside and outside care homes,” Abdel Hamid explains.

The Mobader Leadership program is part of a five-year project called ‘Care Leavers Independence’, which is organised in partnership with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Drosos Foundation, Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and Alexbank. The program includes six different initiatives, including a mental health initiative, a talent development initiative, and an academic initiative.


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