Saturday April 20th, 2024
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New Move Gym Club Will Soon Open in 6th of October City

Spread over 4,500 square metres, the new location offers a gym, spa facilities and outdoor pool and padel courts.

Patrick Davies

 New Move Gym Club Will Soon Open in 6th of October City

Local fitness company Move Egypt is opening a new gym club in 6th of October City. Positioned right in front of Waterway West, this new spot is offering the all-in-one fitness and recovery location you have been looking for.

“Our new project is very special to me, because I combined my 15 years of experience in sports and fitness into one project,” Ali Ismail, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Move Egypt, tells CairoScene. “We created different training zones to host the maximum number of members, enabling them to do whatever training program they like, whether that be bodybuilding, cardio, crossfit or rehabilitation.”

Though it is by no means the be all and end all of the extensive facilities, it makes sense to start with Move’s fully equipped gym, since that will be the first stop for most members. Spread over 750 square metres, it boasts brand new equipment and machines galore. “We ordered the latest strength machine line from a brand named Nautilus, developed by BMW engineers,” says Ismail. “Believe me this is going to revolutionise our members' gym training experience.” The main room also features adjustable benches and racks for free-weight lifting.

Beyond strength training equipment, the gym space also features wall-to-wall treadmills, cross trainers and other cardio-blasting kit, including a full spinning suite with its own dedicated space, when the collaborative spirit of a cycling-based ‘pain cave’ is exactly the high-intensity workout you need. What’s more, you needn’t worry about staring at a wall while you run that 5k on the treadmill. “We have positioned all the cardio machines with a view of the landscape and pool outside, which will give our members a whole new training experience,” Ismail tells us. “The landscape is perhaps the most special part of our new gym in 6th of October.”

The new gym’s 1,500 square metres of outdoor space, complete with swimming pool and twin padel courts, complements the physical structure’s beautiful architecture with nature’s own beauty, offering something beyond the standard brick-and-mortar gyms you’re used to.

The club also features a fully equipped gymnastics hall, for all those training in their gymnastics academy. Whilst most of us mere mortals would quiver at the sight of parallel bars, the beam or the pommel horse, Move Egypt have been cultivating young gymnasts since launching Move Gymnastics in 2021. “We started in Maadi with a handful of athletes,” Ismail says. “Today we have over 200 kids, with a professional team competing in national tournaments.” The new 6th of October location has all the space that budding gymnasts will need to hone their skills, but without the over-intensity of some academies. “We don't put pressure on our kids. We want them to be happy and enjoy their sports journey, whether they want to be professional or just have a stronger body,” Ismail adds.

That being said, any good trainer will tell you that recovery is just as important as the workout itself, and this only becomes more important with age. That’s where the full facilities of Move come in.

The importance of creating balance in all aspects of the fitness experience is one of Move’s key philosophies, instilled in the gym’s highly trained staff. “The sense of community and belonging is our main priority,” Ismail explains. “Our members have to feel at home and get the best training experience, regardless of their age or fitness goals.”

The high-intensity workout areas are balanced with facilities aimed at aiding recovery and relaxation, so that no gains are in vain. The extensive spa and outdoor swimming pool are perfect for low impact recuperation after vigorous exercise of any kind, and the on-site food and beverage offerings provide instant and ideal nutrition for pre- or post-exercise, courtesy of Ei8ht Ounce Coffee and much-loved sandwich and salad spot Moxy’s.

“We’re opening Ei8ht at the Move facility, with Moxy’s healthy wraps, salads, and paninis on offer,” Mohamed El Shamy, Co-founder of Moxy’s and Ei8ht Ounce, tells CairoScene. “And we’re coordinating with Move to create several new gym-friendly, workout-friendly signature smoothies and sandwiches.”

And when Ramadan comes around, Move and Moxy’s are planning a special offering for the month. “During Ramadan, we’re going to have a pop-up called ‘Eish Shami’, a Ramadan suhoor spot with seating in the garden area and tables by the pool,” El Shamy explains. “The concept is based on having a nice, tidy area to be in, but with that classic Egyptian street style. Everyone putting out tables to meet and chat over suhoor classics - eggs, fool and taamiya.”

Move is welcoming all you eager gym fiends, current or pending, with a special ‘Founders’ membership for all those who register before launch. For a yearly fee of EGP 12,000, you will be able to enjoy all sorts of benefits, including unlimited spinning classes, spa and pool access, and 14 guest invitations, as well as three personal training sessions and a nutrition orientation.


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