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The 15 Best Kabsa Spots in Riyadh

Craving kabsa? Then this list is for you! Check out the best restaurants for enjoying this traditional cuisine.

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The 15 Best Kabsa Spots in Riyadh

The Arabian peninsula is home to a wide variety of cultures, languages, politics, opinions, and more, with differences that range from striking to subtle. But there is one thing that everyone in the Gulf can agree on: kabsa.

This mixed rice dish is considered a national dish in every single gulf state. It’s THE national dish of Saudi Arabia, and it earned that status for a reason. Tender meat and aromatic spices perfume luscious rice, melding the delicate flavours of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and black lime in each bite. Although some want their kabsa with chicken, others with lamb, and still others with goat, we can all agree that we all want kabsa. Here’s our list of the best kabsa spots in Riyadh…


It’s easy to find an Al-Romansiah branch in Riyadh, and that’s for good reason. This is a great spot for those who love to eat chicken kabsa, and for those who love to eat chicken in general, with lots of delicious options to choose from. Reasonably priced and sometimes featuring a kids’ play area, Al-Romansiah is a great place to get your kabsa fix. 


Since kabsa is a traditional dish, why not enjoy it in a traditional setting? Al Saddah’s atmosphere celebrates the long history of this delicious dish, and menu items like mandi and madhbi kabsa, mathloutha, creme caramel and kunafa will keep your mouth watering and your belly full long after you’ve run out of kabsa.


The taste of Al Saudi’s kabsa is the secret behind the restaurant’s success, allowing the restaurant to open eight Riyadh branches since 1994. The secret of their kabsa? Well that’s harder to figure out, but Al Saudi keeps their dish classic and their prices fair, which seems like a good start. 


Let’s be frank. Al Tazaj isn’t going to be winning any sort of awards for atmosphere any time soon. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it on this list – it might not be fancy, but its kabsa is good. And if you have room left over, order a side of chicken nuggets. We won’t judge.


For nontraditional kabsa to eat in a traditional atmosphere, head to Aseeb Najd. This place somehow manages to embody the spirit of Saudi while bringing innovation to its cultural heritage. Don’t know what we mean? Try their pumpkin kabsa: brown rice and cooked lamb inside a fresh pumpkin mixed with special spices. You’ll understand.


DDR isn’t just a kabsa hotspot – it’s a smokin’ hotspot. This eatery has mastered the art of smoked food, whether that’s BBQ chicken, yellow rice, or even kunafa. So if you like your kabsa on the smokey side then this is the right place for you.


Is Dr. Kabsa a medical professional or a PhD? That might be a bit unclear, but what is obvious is that the good people at Dr. Kabsa are experts in their fields. With a kabsa philosophy that embraces both quantity AND quality, this is the perfect place to go if you are very, very hungry. The house specialty? The mammoth fish kabsa, which requires two people to carry to the table.


You’ve heard of chicken kabsa, lamb kabsa, goat kabsa, fish kabsa – but what if you want camel kabsa? One of the most traditional meat choices for this dish, camel kabsa is a signifier of wealth. And what better place to eat camel kabsa than at Hashi Basha, a place that has the word camel (hashi) in the name?


Although it’s not what the name “Kabsa Plus” would suggest, this restaurant likes to keep things simple. With a simple dining area, a two page menu, and an affinity for cooking with olive oil, this eatery is a great option for (theoretically) healthier-than-average kabsa.


Kabsa is many things – who says it can’t be fine dining? Certainly not the people behind Maiz, an upscale restaurant that features stunning views of the Bujairi Terrace and Turaif. Maiz features an entire kabsa station, living up to its mission of combining modernity and authenticity.


Najd Village might be known for its matazeez, but its kabsa is good enough to make any kabsa lover happy. Choose from chicken, shrimp, lamb or camel kabsa – or if choosing is too hard, order the village sofra, and partake in a stunning array of morsels laid out on a floor mat.


Kabsa, but make it romantic. Suhail is another high-end establishment that elevates this traditional dish, making it suitable for any and all occasions. Suhail is pricier than your average kabsa joint, but the alfresco area, water features, and fabric-strewn pergolas (not to mention the incredible taste) make the price more than worth it.


Tebsi’s kabsa offerings are true celebrations of Saudi culture. This restaurant offers a wide range kabsas in a variety of sizes and flavours, each one representing a region in the Kingdom and their particular culinary heritage.


Visiting Riyadh from Jeddah and worried you won’t be able to find your favourite kabsa? Don’t worry – Tofareya, a Jeddah-born kabsa spot, has a branch in Riyadh! With options including mandi style, madfoon style, and madhbi style kabsa, not to mention a wide range of proteins to choose from, this is a great spot to satisfy your kabsa craving.


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