Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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‘World’s Best Chef’ Unveils Artistic Culinary Space StreetXO in Dubai

Blending fine dining with street food, StreetXO will feature gastronomical inventions such as sheep yoghurt with wild strawberries and coffee.

Layan Adham Ismail

‘World’s Best Chef’ Unveils Artistic Culinary Space StreetXO in Dubai

If you’re one of the proponents of the saying “the world is your canvas,” and firmly believe that the habitual act of eating is an opportunity to infuse art into daily mundanity, then Dubai’s avant-garde restaurant StreetXO may just appeal to your palate.

With a street-art-reminiscent concept that seeps into every minute detail, StreetXO - which has recently cut the proverbial ribbon on its 4th floor location at One&Only One Za’abeel - manages to both visually and gustatorily challenge the boundaries of what one considers creative expression.

Under the leadership of the multiple award-winning Spanish chef Dabiz Muñoz, who is equally as famous for his culinary escapades as he is for his distinctive mohawk, StreetXO emerges as the Gulf-cousin of Madrid’s three-Michelin-starred DriverXO, which snatched up third place in the prestigious 2023 World’s Best Restaurants list. 2023 was also the year that Muñoz snagged the golden prize at The Best Chef Awards, crowning him the World’s Best Chef for the third year in a row.

Muñoz’s unconventional flair and theatrically innovative approach to gastronomy is quite loudly interwoven throughout StreetXO’s art-gallery-esque aesthetic with its spray-painted graffiti murals, chain-mail trapeze artist installations hovering above tables and human-hand light fixtures.

And the circus doesn’t quite stop there. Taking the hedonistically creative nature of StreetXO’s founding father to a whole new level, this eatery’s food is just as out there as the space it resides in. The cuisine - which will only include half of the creations that make up DriverXO’s Madrid menu, with the other half filled with exclusive Dubai dishes - will feature “out of the box” epicurean inventions such as marine plankton and chicken yolk, as well as sheep yoghurt with wild strawberries and coffee.

As one of 11 restaurants debuting at One&Only One Za'abeel’s new culinary hub The Link, StreetXO will be available for dinner every day from 18:00 PM to 12:00 AM.


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