Saturday June 15th, 2024
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3li3bboud Debuts Producer-Driven Album ‘Ashya2 La Taraha Fel Ganoub’

Lebanese producer 3li3bboud collaborates with El Rass and Salloum for his full-length debut LP.

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3li3bboud Debuts Producer-Driven Album ‘Ashya2 La Taraha Fel Ganoub’

Lebanese producer and songwriter 3li3bboud's debut album, ‘Ashya2 La Taraha Fel Ganoub, has arrived, marking a continuation of the producer-driven album trend gaining momentum within the region's hip-hop scene. However, 3bboud goes beyond mere beats or intricate compositions.This album introduces a producer's take on modern hip-hop, incorporating elements of drill, lo-fi, and trap with anthemic samples and archived spoken word snippets.

The album's intro subtly sets the tone, using eastern chord progressions and rapid hi-hats. Spoken word snippets pepper the mix as the beat progresses. The album explodes from there with the track ‘ya wayle’ featuring Salloum. The Lebanese rapper effortlessly commands the beat, delivering verses in both English and Arabic.

On ‘khulwe nabwiye pt 1’, 3bboud samples a Shia anthem, a distinct choice reflecting his upbringing in southern Lebanon. This sample forms the foundation for a drill anthem, further textured by a melancholic electric guitar loop in the chorus, evoking emotions of despair or mourning.

Salloum is a recurring collaborator on the record, gliding naturally through 3bboud's beats. He delivers his rhymes viciously with fast-paced flows, his bars tackling social themes or pure trap-influenced topics with a serious yet playful attitude. 

On ‘shatafe’, 3bboud crafts a rage banger with a distinct horn sample, hard-hitting 808s, and bouncy compressed kick drums. Salloum effortlessly flows over the beat, spitting aggressive bars. El Rass, another frequent collaborator, is introduced on ‘uranium mkhassab’. He brings his signature songwriting, dissecting complex topics and critical issues with smooth language. Here, he contemplates the current state of rap music alongside the situation in Lebanon.

El Rass returns on ‘sane3 a7ziye'’ with Salloum. The track features 3bboud's production laying the foundation for the two MCs to smoothly exchange verses over the beat, tackling weighty topics with a satirical undertone.

3li 3abboud's production is undeniably distinct. His sound selection throughout the record presents a comprehensive listening experience that flows beautifully across its 10 tracks. His use of samples is sharp and precise, elevating the tracks from mere beats or instrumental compositions to a complete body of work.


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