Monday March 4th, 2024
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Abyusif Showcases Unfiltered Musical Identity on ‘Leave Here Now’

SceneNoise got an early preview of Abyusif's latest album, 'NEMSHY MEN HENA.' We take you through some insights into the record, accompanied by exclusive quotes from the Abyu himself.

Omar Ghonem

Abyusif Showcases Unfiltered Musical Identity on ‘Leave Here Now’

SceneNoise had an early listen to Abyusif's new album 'NEMSHY MEN HENA' (Leave Here Now). In this album, the enigmatic rapper demonstrates a departure from conventional musical limitations and challenges the boundaries of 'rap'. 

“The album "Leave Here Now" for me is the first time I show my personality and my musical identity completely freely without any consideration.This album is a departure from everything that is happening now. Sometimes a departure to the past and sometimes to the future. But almost never in the now. These are songs about escapism.” - Abyusif 

Abyusif delves into a diverse array of sound selections, seamlessly flowing on different genres. Taking a cue from his 'El-Dolab' days, where he recorded in his wardrobe with no features and no production credits but himself, Abyusif reclaims almost full ownership of the creative process behind this album. He freely expresses himself on a variety of sonic selections, ranging from acoustics to trap, boom bap, and even venturing into vaporwave aesthetics. 'Nemshy Men Hena' not only represents Abyusif's evolution as an artist but also serves as a nostalgic nod to the hands-on, DIY approach reminiscent of his earlier days in the scene.

“Sonically this album ranges from metal to rap to acoustic rock, to many other realms. With nothing but unapologetically authentic lyrics that represent abyusif’s attempt to leave here now. See you ‘there’” - Abyusif

Throughout its ten tracks, Abyu explores his emotional depth while simultaneously reaffirming his status as a lyrical virtuoso. He showcases his finesse with lyrics and dynamic flows, playing with expressions and syllables to create intricate rhymes, quirky punchlines, and double entendres.


“I am not rapper and this is not rap and if it was rap I would be the coolest rap done in the Arab world

Past and future. And this is not my personal opinion, this is the opinion of the strongest rapper in the Arab world, which is me. But it's not rap. For me it’s a collection of songs that expresses the things I felt and the things I’m still feeling.” - Abyusif


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