Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Artist Spotlight: Husa & Zeyada

The electronic duo talks to SceneNoise about their unique blend of sounds, and about their upcoming album ‘Story of A Fool’.

Scene Noise

Artist Spotlight: Husa & Zeyada

Egyptian duo Husa & Zeyada have become a staple in Egypt’s electronic music scene through their distinct blend of singer/songwriter Zeyada’s indie rock influences and DJ/producer Adam Husa’s hypnotic deep house instrumentals. The duo constantly explore the possibilities of fusing these genres by incorporating new musical ideas into their work, and their sense of experimentation carries over into their captivating, yet organic live performances.

We sat down with Husa & Zeyada where they told us about meeting in Dahab after relocating to Egypt during COVID, the influences that go into their indie-dance sound, and about their most recent single ‘Release The Beast’ on MDLBEAST Records. The duo also talk about their upcoming album ‘Story of A Fool’, a conceptual album that takes listeners through the narrative of the fool’s journey, while also experimenting musically with manipulating speed and tempo to explore the different types of motion that arise.

Watch the full interview here:


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