Friday June 2nd, 2023
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Artist Spotlight: Xena ElShazli - Exploring Memory Through Music

SceneNoise sits down with Egyptian-Lebanese artist Xena ElShazly to talk about her career, and latest EP ‘ElWoroud’.

Scene Noise

In this Artist Spotlight, ScneNoise talks to Egyptian-Lebanese artist Xena ElShazly about her unique career trajectory, her deeply personal writing style, and her latest EP ‘ElWoroud’.

Xena openly talks about the troubled times that led to the EP’s inception and about her experience with the band ‘Arabish’, which rose to mainstream success in the mid-late 2010s.

Xena ElShazly has been making an impact in the regional scene for over ten years, and her latest EP ‘ElWoroud’ signals her return as a solo artist, promising more to come in the future.

Watch the full interview here:


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