Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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CJC Seashore Announces Summer Line-Up

CJC Seashore celebrates Sahel season with stellar line-ups including Apollonia, Marwan Moussa, Ilario Alicante, WAFF and more.

Scene Noise

CJC Seashore Announces Summer Line-Up

After announcing their opening on the North Coast for the summer, CJC Seashore has unveiled their seasonal lineup, featuring a wide variety of live music from houseto pop to hip hop every weekend starting July 19th.

Kicking off the festivities on July 19th is the launch event featuring the community-driven party series DISCO-TECH. The opening night’s lineup features Rossi, Joella Jackson, Moenes b2b Jess, the retroogroove showcase (EJ b2b Ronin) and Robbie Doherty.

“We aim to provide a top-notch nightlife experience in the North Coast with a variety of acts and sounds to cater to different tastes hoping to give party-goers an outlet where they can enjoy their time in a positive and safe setting with other like-minded people,” Head of Marketing & PR at Cairo Jazz Club Shams Abuzaid, tells SceneNoise.

Located at Seashore by Hyde Park in Ras el-Hekma, the outdoor venue offers an earthy ambience that harmonises with the coastal landscape. This season's lineup will include a roster of international and local megastars, with performances by Apollonia, Robbie Doherty, Ilario Alicante, Disco Misr, WAFF, and more yet to be announced.


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