Sunday February 25th, 2024
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Egyptian singer Nada El Shazly drops new track with COLORSXSTUDIOS

With her haunting new single 'Bānit', Nadah El Shazly gives us a glimpse of her forthcoming album.

Riham Issa

Nadah El Shazly is making big moves by dropping a teaser from her upcoming album, with a soulful performance of 'Bānit' at Berlin’s COLORSXSTUDIO. Alluding to her upcoming live performance at Hauterageous’s Digital Shakedown Supreme in Montréal, which is scheduled to be on June 2nd.

The singer appears adorned in a Guovarde’s a glamorous ready-to-wear couture-like ruffled white dress, that effortlessly accentuates her lyrical beauty. Nadah gives us a glimpse of her forthcoming album, with a haunting performance of her new single ‘Bānit’ that left us beyond speechless.

Moving from singing with the choir in German school, to punk rock, to singing jazz and blues, to classical Arabic music, Nadah stands in front of COLORSXSTUDIO’s iconic dingling microphone complimented by a glaring auburn backdrop seamlessly mixing all her different influences with her dreamy voice.

Watch full performance here: 


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