Friday June 2nd, 2023
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Ferkesh: Ahmed Gad - Wo Wo

In this episode, we talk to director Ahmed Gad about his ‘narrative-first’ approach to directing music videos.

Zaid Kreshan

In this episode, we talk to Ahmed Gad, director behind Abo El Anwar’s spectacular video ‘Wo-Wo’, which features many-a-familiar-face from the ‘El Mexik’ crew.

Gad effortlessly found a way to present the many rappers in a style that adds up to a narratively cohesive video. The rappers were presented as patients in a psychiatric hospital, to exaggerate their internal conflicts, which Gad made the foundation of the plot.

In this clip, Gad tells SceneNoise about how the concept came to be, and how he applies his ‘story-first’ approach to his workflow.

Ferkesh is SceneNoise’s series that focuses on the exceptional work of directors within the MENA music industry. As music videos have become such a crucial part of an artists’ success, we want to spotlight the people who have been part of creating iconic content seen by millions of fans.

Watch the video here:


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