Monday June 24th, 2024
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Kabreet Are Lovestruck in New Folk-Pop Single 'Waynak'

As everything in our world goes from a bubbling pink to a despairing blue, we can only ask, “Waynak ya ghaly?”

Layla Raik

Kabreet Are Lovestruck in New Folk-Pop Single 'Waynak'

The allure of new love is, in the eyes of many, near magical. All of a sudden, the most mundane Sunday walks become filled with minuscule tokens of the one, as though we’ve entered an alternative universe where everything is the person - well, at least everything that matters. This is the air that Yemeni-German duo Kabreet breathe out in their new misty single ‘Waynak’.

When a love - which at first turned our world pink - falls through, the pink washes away leaving a long-lasting blue hue on the love tokens we would look out for only a few months prior. In the Waynak music video, French artist and model Satine Revlon is portrayed in a dreamy sequence where she appears haunted by absent love, hued in monotonous blue.

The song’s lyrics chronicle the loss of self that often occurs in the overwhelming rush of passion, where we view even our name and address through the perspective of the one we love. Amid distant percussion and a reluctance to let go, the song’s repetition of its main chorus, “Waynak ya Ghaly,” conveys the desperation of Kabreet’s longing.

Their first release in two years, Waynak is cut out of the same dreamy pop stone characteristic of Kabreet - this time mourning a romance that failed to last.


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