Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Lebanese Indie Pop Artist Blu Fiefer Drops ‘Nazele Big Champagne’

Released on her label, Mafi Budget, Blu Fiefer’s latest single, ‘Nazele Big Champagne’ is full of dualities and stunning storytelling, while at the same time being a dance floor banger.

Maha ElNabawi

Blu Fiefer is on a roll with fresh releases, this time with ‘Nazele Big Champagne’, which she wrote, produced and arranged while also directing the music video. A rising star whose soulful voice and dynamic sound are garnering attention across the globe, Blu Fiefer multidisciplinary approach to her art is perhaps why she is one of the more original sounding artists with distinct sonic and visual aesthetics. She has a vision and doesn’t shy away from expressing it, even if it’s with a knife through the heart and a bloody bathroom as seen in ‘Khatar'.

Blu Fiefer's music reflects her diverse background and influences, blending elements of pop, R&B, electronics and more. Her lyrics touch on themes of love, loss, and empowerment while her vocals soar over intricate beats and lush instrumentation. This becomes even clearer in her recent release, ‘Nazele Big Champagne’, where she comes back even stronger and more fierce than her previous release.

As the video for 'Nazele Big Champagne' opens up, we see Fiefer sitting at a dinner table, glamorously dressed as if from a fairytale but looking extremely bored. She sips her “big champagne”, glass breaks, and a beat drops. Before we know it, we’re in the bathroom with Fiefer as she transforms from a fairytale princess of sorts into a powerhouse popping bottles and partying with abandon.

The lyrics, too, present this duality. Roughly translated from Arabic to English, she sings “I know where I am, where I am is living between two personalities,” as the video cuts through the dance floor, and bathroom debauchery in what looks like the party of the century.

But Blu Fiefer is becoming a master of literary storytelling in her music videos, for each one has a way of ending with a dramatic plot twist. In this case, we leave the party with Fiefer and end up momentarily back at the dinner table - but as the camera zooms into her fierce eyes, we jump cut into the parking lot, where we see Fiefer with a bloody hand dangling out the car window. As the car drives off, the license plate reads “Hasta La Muerte”, which translates from Spanish to “the bitter end”, and we are left with nothing but a far-off beat and streaks of blood.


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