Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Lella Fadda Enters Her New Era with 'Fokak Meni' Produced by Abyusif

Lella Fadda collaborates with Abyusif in this genre-bending track, giving us a preview of her new album ‘MAGNÜN’.

Scene Noise

Indie pop sensation Lella Fadda fearlessly navigates uncharted musical territories in her latest single 'Fokak Meni.' Teaming up with long-time collaborator Abuysif, she hops on a heavy, industrial rap beat with her smooth, distinctive style, accompanied by Abyusif’s raw, distorted production.

The song's intriguing beginning features a sample from an interview after Lella's breakthrough role in the hit Egyptian TV series 'El Prince', looping the moment where she corrects the host's mispronunciation of her name, a bold assertion of her identity. Lella then effortlessly transitions into delivering bars with nonchalant charisma, sharing snippets of her daydreams and carefree thoughts. 

The accompanying video for the track, directed by Hossam Hilmy and Bouhdist of CULT, immerses viewers in a psychedelic-inspired visual experience, vividly reflecting the kaleidoscope of Lella's mind - colourful, chaotic, and unapologetically captivating.

'Fokak Meni' serves as a tantalising preview of her upcoming debut album, 'MAGNÜN', marking the beginning of her "new era."


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