Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Ma-Beyn, Sabine and SHTLF drop EP ‘N7S’: A Sonic Resistance Project

Ma-Beyn, Sabine and Palestinian producer SHTLF collaborate on a 3-track EP titled ‘N7S’, offering a unique project through unconventional production and politically charged themes.

Omar Ghonem

Ma-Beyn, Sabine and SHTLF drop EP ‘N7S’: A Sonic Resistance Project

Egyptian-Palestinian rapper Ma-Beyn, Lebanese rapper Sabine Salamé, and Palestinian producer SHTLF join forces to craft a 3-track EP titled ‘N7S’, forging an innovative project that boldly pushes the boundaries of Arabic hip-hop. SHTLF’s unorthodox production, which intricately weaves in Drum n Bass elements within hip-hop textures, is complemented by Ma-Beyn and Sabine’s conscious lyricism, and politically charged themes.

The project uses an intriguing motif, centered around the number three, with three artists hailing from three distinct Arab countries - Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon - collaborating on a trio of tracks, each titled with three characters. Throughout the EP, Ma-Beyn and Sabine display their dynamic synergy, seamlessly trading verses over SHTLF’s multi-layered production. The duo's performance comes off as refreshing, powerful and adventurous, injecting new energy into the Arabic hip-hop landscape.

Ma-Beyn and Sabine delve into critiques of Western colonialism and shed light on the Arab political landscape, emphasizing the importance of Arab unity in resisting colonial powers, particularly against the ongoing genocide in Gaza committed by Israel. The project offers an insightful perspective on the broader impact of ethnic cleansing, cultural appropriation, and the colonial mindset.

Ma-Beyn's lyricism critically examines Arab social dynamics, focusing on patriarchy and the challenges faced by female voices in Arabic hip-hop. Together they form a powerful statement about the pursuit of decolonization “ايد لوحدها متسقفش على حدود المحتلين”. They avoid resorting to a victim narrative and instead providing a forceful commentary throughout the EP.

SHTLF's production serves as a perfect backdrop for the duo's lyrics, drawing inspiration from PlayStation game soundtracks to create a cohesive sonic narrative that feels like one extended track. Through the project’s unique sound selection and powerful lyrical themes, Ma-Beyn demonstrates an impressive technical evolution, further amplified by Sabine's commanding lyrics and aggressive flow.


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