Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Moroccan Producer Bassam Drops Playful Debut Album Clockwise Rhapsody

Released by French label Distrikt Paris, Bassam’s debut album is a genre-blending selection of nine tracks.

Scene Noise

Moroccan producer and DJ Bassam has dropped his debut album, ‘Clockwise Rhapsody’, on Parisian label Distrikt Paris. Blending tech-house, minimal techno, downtempo and house, the album features nine dynamic and textured tracks, showcasing Bassam’s versatile sonic palette.

Drawing inspiration from the musical meaning of ‘rhapsody’, the album's title reflects its episodic, integrated and free-flowing structure. The album effortlessly fuses compositions with contrasting moods, colours and tonalities, fearlessly constructing a tracklist that challenges conventional structures, and embracing the freedom of expression and improvisation.


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