Monday February 26th, 2024
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Rap of the Week | May 4 - 11

Rap of the Week is a roundup of our selection of the best bars and beats released each week from the MENA region.

Scene Noise

With the pace of releases ramping up again after the short Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr break, we present to you yet another rap of the week. Featuring massive new releases from Marwan Moussa and Afroto, a grime inspired banger from Yonyo, and an ambitious project from BIG HASS and gang with their most recent release ‘Jordan Cypher’. This week also sees Ma-Bayen teaming up with Kamikaze on their track ‘Option’, and favourite BILLY TSTRK is back with his release ‘B3AD_3AN_BA3D’, among other deep cuts.

Track List:

Marwan Moussa - Afreqya W Amreka

Yonyo - Griezmann

Ma-Beyn, Kamikazem - Option (Prod. Lil Abad & Teymour Radwan)


BIG HASS - Jordan Cypher

TGhtk Horus - 7amla (Ft. Toukhi)

Eldab3 - Saye2 Souq

Ayman V-nom - 7ONSH

Aak Mado Sam - Kaza Wish

Afroto - Las3een (Prod. Marwan Moussa & Wezza Montaser)

Listen to our playlist here:


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