Monday June 24th, 2024
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Salar Ansari Drops Soulful Techno 12" 'Feelings From The Future'

Detroit-based producer Salar Ansari blends his Iranian heritage with Detroit techno sounds.

Nour Massoud

Salar Ansari Drops Soulful Techno 12" 'Feelings From The Future'

Iranian producer Salar Ansari has recently dropped a soulful techno 12” record titled ‘Feelings From The Future’, which includes four high-BPM electronic tracks: ‘A1 Feelings from the Future’, ‘A2 Cyberdaze’, ‘B1 4.23.21’, and ‘B2 This Cord’.

‘Feelings From the Future’ is an exercise in sensory digital overload. Drawing inspiration from traditional Detroit techno sounds, Ansari adds colour and dimension to his sounds through a mashing of filtered vocals, melancholic chords, ambient pads and complex basslines. Qualified as a “standout and unique EP” by Juno Records, ‘Feelings From the Future’ is a reflection of his two-fold cultural heritage, blending the musical influences of the SWANA region with the Midwest through captivating sets and hypnotic grooves.

Ansari’s work explores the convergence of analog and digital production, sonic curation, and his unique musical creations have found a platform through Moozikeh Analog Room, which he co-founded, Feeder Loft Records, and his personal label, Passed Out On A Persian Rug. His travels to - and subsequent residence in - Detroit became a large source of sonic influence in Ansari’s work. While living in the Windy City, Ansari’s talents promptly caught the attention of music luminaries like Resto and Mike Banks from Underground Resistance.

“Having been based in Detroit for nearly a decade, I was drawn to the city by its musical DNA and the profound connection its people have with their music,” Salar Ansari tells SceneNoise. “My relationship with Detroit's music extends beyond inspiration. I've been mentored by some of the city's most excellent musicians. Despite the roots of my work in ‘house’ or ‘techno’, I always strive to infuse my unique identity and musical heritage. This experimentation often leads me to explore less commonly used rhythms, scales, and musical ideas.”

Under the mentorship and backing of some of Detroit’s best, Ansari’s achievements flourished, ranging from acclaimed work in recording engineering with the prestigious Blue Note Records to securing the 2021 Detroit Music Awards for ‘Best Electronic Recording’. To date, his impact extends to over 50 productions, showcasing his roles as an engineer, producer and session musician, whilst collaborating with talented artists worldwide.


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