Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Saudi Arabia’s First International Music Academy Launches in Taif

The Nahawand Center is part of a collaboration between the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music and the Nahawand Academy of Arts.

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Saudi Arabia’s First International Music Academy Launches in Taif

Saudi Arabia’s first international music academy, the Nahawand Center, has recently launched in Taif, in collaboration between the Nahawand Academy of Arts and the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. 

The Nahawand Center will offer educational, training and musical research programs, aiming to support emerging Saudi talents and contribute to evolving the music industry within the Kingdom. The academy features various departments such as the oud and oriental singing, the piano and vocals training, along with the lute and Eastern music. 

The inauguration ceremony for the Nahawand Center featured several live performances by a number of the academy’s students, including a performance of the majrour, a popular traditional folk dance in Taif. There was also an art exhibition showcasing the cultural heritage and musical history of Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Having been established 120 years ago, Russia’s Gnesins Academy is considered one of the world’s oldest music academies, with branches across the US, UK and France. As part of the partnership, multiple cultural events will be hosted in Saudi Arabia and Russia.


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