Monday February 26th, 2024
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Select 192: Mixed by Bizou

This week’s ‘Select’ is courtesy of eclectic Egyptian DJ Bizou taking us on a boundary-pushing hour of house.

Scene Noise

Egyptian-born DJ Passant Faheem, AKA Bizou has always had a knack for melding traditional melodies of the region with modern electronic beats. Her music, a blend of East and West, got its initial recognition in local clubs before resonating across European venues.

Bizou's distinct sound brews tech house, afro house, and soft psytrance with a tinge of Eastern melodies and rhythms. Bizou’s talent shines in her unorthodox set flows. A listen to her Select 192 unveils a smooth transition from Schak’s rendition of Souvlaki’s “Inferno” to John Creamer’s mix of “Till there was you,” before crescendoing with Club Caviar's “Speed it up.” crafting a dynamic and euphoric auditory voyage.

DJing across Egypt and Europe, Bizou acknowledges the varied musical palate but sees it as a canvas for her diverse sets, “What’s considered here as fast music for example isn’t the same there and so juggling gigs between both has always been interesting. I used to feel self conscious about this before without having a constant 'type of crowd' - but this turned out to be the best thing because before each set I would spend time researching what would be best suitable’ which led me to find my style of fast music with multiple genre switches - I mix in Arabic tunes, balkan music, psytrance, whatever I feel like”.

Have a listen below:-


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