Monday March 4th, 2024
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Select 210: Mixed by Molotof

Egypt's trailblazing producer, Molotof, brings his revolutionary "Molowave" sound to Scenenoise's Select series with an immersive one-hour set.

Scene Noise

Select 210: Mixed by Molotof

Over the past few years Molotof has made a name for himself as one of Egypt’s most innovative producers and live acts, gaining recognition for his chart-topping work fusing mahraganat and trap music, collaborating with notable artists such as Marwan Pablo, Wegz and more. 

His unique blend of styles and sounds, which he terms "Molowave," combines elements of traditional Egyptian music with dance music and rap influences, creating a distinct and dynamic musical genre.

We’re excited to have a one-hour exclusive set from Molof featuring all original, as well as some unreleased, tracks. Listen in full below:-


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