Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Select 222: Mixed by Sara Allan

Also known as Wild Card, Sara Allan dabbles in various creative mediums, bridging them to one another.

Scene Noise

Select 222: Mixed by Sara Allan

Jordanian multi-media artist Sara Allan explores various creative mediums, often blending visual and auditory elements to create immersive experiences and public art displays. Navigating Jordan’s art scene under her pseudonym ‘Wild Card’, Sara crafts unique ceramic ashtrays as well as curates eclectic music selections for trendy spots like Spilled Milk in Jabal Amman. Drawing from her extensive collection of obscure tracks, she tailors sets to match her audience’s mood, seamlessly transitioning between various musical genres. While she steers away from a singular signature style, Sara stands out by infusing Asian influences into her sets.

In this Select, Sara traverses various genres, from rap, house, dub experimental sounds and more, spanning a wide range of BPMs to create a textured hour long set. Featuring extremely obscure tracks such as Tristan Arp’s ‘From The Seams’, ACJI’s ‘underskov’ie’, Gendema’s ‘Ephimase’ and Destrata’s ‘Mutationist’, Sara’s music selection is a testament to her digging and culling skills.

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