Monday May 20th, 2024
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Select 229: Mixed by Zenim

The Dubai-based Amman-born DJ puts together a laid-back dreamy, ambient Select set.

Scene Noise

Select 229: Mixed by Zenim

Zenim is a Dubai-based Amman-born DJ/selector and producer known for her playful sets and experimental sound, weaving different music styles and genres. From Ambient meditations and lots of groove to high-energy beats, Zenim has dipped her toes in a little bit of everything over the last few years.

For our 229th Select, the Dubai-based artist has put together a laid-back set of her most recent favorites, recorded in her living room. The set starts with a vortex of warped vocals before unfolding intro dreamy minimal melodies, featuring ambient tunes like Roberto Musci’s ‘Water Music’, and Jadell’s ‘The Sure Shot’.

Listen to the full set here: 


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