Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Sep 26 - Oct 02

This week’s playlist brings you a genre-bending selection featuring artists like Dounia, Ma-Beyn & Hady Moamer, and Taba2 Tayer.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Sep 26 - Oct 02

On this week’s edition of Shreet Cocktail, we bring you the latest releases from regional trail blazers like Egyptian artist Ma-Beyn, who teamed up with Grammy-nominated artist and producer Hady Moamer on their energetic release ‘Fekrak Betnawar’, where each artist shines over a driving drum groove and blaring horn melodies. We also heard from Beirut-based duo Rust who fused classical Arabic vocal melodies and poetic lyricism with contemporary electronic production on their latest track ‘Nos Leil’.

Egyptian electronic duo Taba2 Tayer also make this week’s playlist with their dubstep inspired release ‘Ghazelle’, where their tongue-in-cheek lyrics are presented over an aggressive instrumental and otherworldly visuals. You can also hear the latest from US-based artist Dounia, who slows things down with smooth guitar lines and a laid-back beat on her track ‘Coolest Girl In California’.

Meanwhile, Egyptian artist Felukah just released her end of summer EP ‘Harara’, where she experimented with adding an Arabic twist to fast-paced drum and bass instrumentals. You can catch the EP’s lead single ‘Btwhashni’ on this edition of Shreet Cocktail.


Ma-beyn & Hady Moamer - Fekrak Betnawar

Taba2 Tayer - Ghazelle

Rust - Nos Leil

Tamara Qaddoumi - Under The Knife

Dounia - Coolest Girl In California

Sharmoofers - Sha2lebty Routiny

Aikk - My Love, Unknown

Felukah - Btwhashni

Hubash - Maryod

D3mor - Jungleicious

Danny Aridi - The Long Way Home

Nada Nader X Amr Omar - Hayaty Hafla

Twyxx - Jungle Waves

Djunkie - Haramt

Listen to the full playlist here: 


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