Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Soul Medicine Man Releases Folk-Jazz Album 'Ghosts in the Houses'

Combining jazz, rock and soul, Egyptian composer Soul Medicine Man curates a musically holistic EP that seeks to take us on a spiritual journey

Nour Massoud

Soul Medicine Man Releases Folk-Jazz Album 'Ghosts in the Houses'

Much like the name suggests, Soul Medicine Man is an Egypt-based artist writing up spiritual prescriptions through his jazz-rock fusions. A physician turned musician, Soul Medicine Man - aka Ramy Ramadan - hasn’t fully abandoned his Hippocratic Oath. As a frequent performer at Cairo Jazz Club, a popular live music and night club in Giza, Egypt, Ramadan treats music as another method of treatment, a spiritual journey that often begins with pain and ends with healing.

Ramadan's recent EP release, ‘Ghosts in the Houses’, is composed of five tracks that weaves the essence of jazz and soul together, and was released by Memphis Records in September 2023.

The first track on the EP, ‘Sophia’, is a melodic ode to the titular figure that displays Soul Medicine Man’s capacities as a folk singer, whilst also leaving space for a beautiful violin solo to take centre stage. The next track, ‘When The Time Comes’, takes on a more soul-infused approach that highlights an electric guitar and Ramadan's jazzy voice.

‘Ghosts in the Houses’, which shares the same name as his EP, is a soft rock melody, accompanied by drums, guitars and Ramadan' folksy singing. ‘Let Go’ featuring singer Tawfik, meanwhile, contains hints of pop which blends with Ramadan's rock and roll alter-ego. The final track, ‘The Spell’, is a slowed melody that offers itself as a closing statement for his EP - or, as Ramaan would put it, his spiritual journey.


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