Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Soulphonic's 'Akher El3alam' is an Upbeat Blend of Blues & Neo-Soul

Soulphonic duo Sherif Abdelmaged and Youcsef embrace their musical influences of blues and soul in their debut album ‘Akher El3alam’

Omar Ghonem

Soulphonic's 'Akher El3alam' is an Upbeat Blend of Blues & Neo-Soul

Through their unique take on soul music and a healthy dose of the blues, Egyptian duo Soulphonic is breathing new life into the country’s indie music landscape with their debut album 'Akher El3alam' (‘End of the World’). Comprised of Sherif Abdelmaged, a multi-talented artist, sound engineer and founder of RaxRecords, along with Youcsef, a multi-instrumentalist holding a bachelor's degree in music, Soulphonic’s dulcet LP navigates through an eclectic mix of blues, soft rock and neo-soul, blending Sherif's guitar riffs with Youcsef's keyboard melodies.

The first track, ‘Beyot Ezaz’, evokes memories of Eric Clapton and B.B. King’s 'Riding with the King', with the enchanting strumming of the guitar paving the way for Sherif's lyrical tales of autumn nights. Transitioning seamlessly to the second track, ‘Wahed Tany’, the duo collaborates with Lege-Cy, who Sherif previously worked with on Lege-Cy's latest record 'Placebo'. Departing from his usual rap persona, Lege-Cy goes along with Sherif's vocals, infusing the track with a poignant and emotional performance.

‘Mesh Far2a’ unfolds as a heartfelt tribute to a lover, with gentle guitar riffs setting the stage for a melancholic vibe. Sherif's introspective lyrics resonate intimately, and as the track progresses, the guitar ascends, reaching its peak in the chorus, creating a synergy with Sheif's melodic vocals.

With ‘Rewind’, the duo's technical prowess shines in this instrumental funk piece. Sherif's skillful guitar licks intertwine with Youscef's keys and synthesizers, complemented by an addition of saxophone samples. The track stands out as one of the album's highlights, showcasing the duo's musical versatility and collaborative effort.

Closing the album on a high note, the upbeat tempo of the title track 'Akher El3alam' brings the 23-minute album to a satisfying close, underlining the album’s themes of nostalgia, melancholy and yearning for better days.


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