Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Spotify Teams Up With Al Ismaelia for Downtown Cairo Playlist

The Downtown Tunes playlist invites music enthusiasts and explorers alike to rediscover Downtown Cairo.

Scene Noise

In an effort to revive the heritage of Downtown Cairo through sound, Al Ismaelia has partnered with Spotify to create the ‘Downtown Tunes’ playlist. Curated by Spotify’s music team in collaboration with Al Ismaelia, the initiative is an auditory voyage guiding listeners through the core of Downtown Cairo, featuring timeless tunes like Aida El Ayoubi’s ‘Ala Baly’ and Fayrouz’s ‘Kifak Enta’, as well as calming rhythms from Hisham Kharma’s ‘Al Hekaya'’ and Ash’s ‘Daydream’.

In an effort to fully immerse participants, Spotify QR codes will be taped across iconic Downtown spots such as Cinema Radio, Rawabet Art Space, Consoleya and more. Through these digital portals, Downtown Tunes invites all types of listeners - from explorers to art enthusiasts and Cairo residents - to indulge in the timeless echoes of Downtown Cairo.


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