Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Sudanese Rapper Ibobai Drops Comeback EP ‘Mashari3’

Sudanese rapper Ibobai drops his sophomore album ‘Mashare3’, exploring his Sudanese upbringing and his inner thoughts.

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Sudanese Rapper Ibobai Drops Comeback EP ‘Mashari3’

Sudanese rap has been flourishing with rappers like Soulja and Walgz invading the Arabic hip-hop scene with major releases. Now, Ibobai enters the frame with his latest EP ‘Mashari3’, offering his second conceptual body of work composed of seven tracks that explore his Sudanese upbringing, his thoughts on society and his introspective musings.

Ibobai exhibits a distinct vocal style throughout the album, ranging from melodic flows to hard-hitting bars against the predominantly trap backdrop. While the production lacks experimentation in sound selection, sticking to traditional trap aesthetics with the exception of some drill inserts, it does not detract from the listening experience. Instead, it highlights Ibobai’s flows, lyrics and vocal performances.

In tracks like ‘Afkar’, Ibobai showcases his lyrical ability with well-crafted, concise bars and memorable one-liners in the verses while displaying his singing capacity on the bridge, creating a promising intro to the record. In other tracks, he continues to showcase his prowess with complex rhyme schemes and socially relevant lyrics such as in ‘Mashari3’, where Ibobai’s lyrics shed light on the ongoing conflict in Sudan, representing the Sudanese youth who are witnessing a catastrophe happening in their home country before their eyes, and how they have been suffering the consequences more than anyone else.

Paying homage to the London drill sound, which has become somewhat of a trend in the Sudanese hip-hop scene, Ibobai's performance stands out over the drill beat, further enhanced by heavy 808s. Ibobai delivers braggadocious bars and throws in football references in the verses.

Elsewhere on the record, particularly in tracks like ‘Saboor’, Ibobai reflects on his inner thoughts and struggles, contemplating his life, surroundings, and his departure from his home country in an introspective manner that showcases his storytelling ability.


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