Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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WORD: Felukah - Fruitseller

NYC-Based Egyptian rapper Felukah takes us through her bilingual wordplay on ‘Fruitseller’.

Scene Noise

Throughout her career, NYC-based Egyptian rapper Felukah has been developing her unique style of bilingual lyricism, writing in both English and colloquial Arabic interchangeably.

The rapper’s identifiable style has made her an iconic figure in the Egyptian rap community, and on this episode of WORD, she unpacks the wordplay behind her 2022 release ‘Fruitseller’.

WORD is SceneNoise’s new series unpacking the lyrics of our favourite artists from across the MENA region. In each episode, we ask them to shed light on the meaning behind their most iconic verses, taking us behind the scenes of their writing process and between the lines of their penmanship.

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