Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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WORD: Ilaria - Take 1 (Freestyle)

Lebanese-Italian artist Ilaria talks to SceneNoise about her latest track, "Take 1 (Freestyle)."

Scene Noise

WORD: Ilaria - Take 1 (Freestyle)

In this episode of WORD, Lebanese-Italian artist Ilaria talks to SceneNoise from Milano to tell us about her latest song, ‘Take 1 (Freestyle),’ from her debut EP, ‘Rose of the Wind.’

Ilaria dives into the creative process behind the track, explaining how it came together with producer SalamCarther in a single take. She also talks about the importance of vocals in her music and how she uses her voice as a tool for expression. Ilaria emphasizes the power of raw emotions and how they can sometimes be more impactful than meticulously crafted lyrics.

WORD is SceneNoise’s series where we invite artists from across the MENA region to enlighten us with the meaning behind their most iconic verses, offering a glimpse into their writing process.

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