Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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XP Conversations - Hamid El Shaeri: On Keeping Up With Trends

In this XP Music Futures Conversation, Hamid El Shaeri talks about reinventing his sound to keep up with contemporary music.

Scene Noise

In the realm of Arabic music, few artists have had as significant of an impact as that of Hamid El Shaeri. The Egyptian-Libyan singer, songwriter, and producer’s storied career has seen him working alongside some of the biggest names in Arabic pop, including Hisham Abbas and Ali Hemeida, while also rising to regional fame through his solo work. His signature blend of Eastern and Western musical ideas have catalyzed the Arabic music scene around him, and his upbeat and infectious musical style still inspires MENA pop being made today.

We caught up with Hamid at XP Music Futures conference after his panel with Egyptian rap star Abyusif, where they broke down the process of creating timeless hits. The prolific artist talks about how embracing change and incorporating rising trends throughout his career has helped him maintain relevance in the music scene for over four decades.

Watch the full interview here:


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