Sunday April 14th, 2024
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12 Saudi Women to Follow for Style Inspo

These Saudi style stars are about to ignite your Insta-stalking fingers and inspire your next sartorial adventure.

Mai El Mokadem

12 Saudi Women to Follow for Style Inspo

The world of fashion is experiencing a renaissance, and its epicentre lies amidst the sun-drenched sands of Saudi Arabia. Imagine flowing silhouettes kissed by the desert sun, adorned with intricate embroidery that speaks of generations past. Envision vibrant colours and bold patterns that burst forth like desert blooms, each a testament to the region's rich cultural tapestry. Picture these elements seamlessly interwoven with contemporary cuts and global trends, creating a captivating fusion that is both familiar and refreshingly original. This is the magic woven or worn by these 12 Saudi style icons…

Princess Loulwa bint Yazeed Al Saudi | @loulwaymf

After founding a fashion boutique consultancy and GoTrend, a fashion e-commerce platform in Egypt, Princess Loulwa bint Yazeed Al Saudi is no stranger to the fashion scene, and her style can attest to this. She can be seen docking designer pieces, like her latest ultra-chic outfit attending the Dior haute couture fashion show, when not appearing at exclusive events for Cartier and talking at Forbes’ summits.

Princess Al Joharah bint Talal Al Saud | @joharahtalal

Princess Al Joharah bint Talal Al Saud is a champion of women, always using her platform to support and elevate female-owned businesses and especially female fashion designers. The Harvard-graduate is also a familiar face in forums, like the Global Women’s Virtual Fashion Forum & Show, and is rewriting the fashion rulebook with a style blend of tradition and trend, sass and sophistication.

Princess Sora bint Saud Al Saud | @sorasaud

This Princess is leaving her mark through a brand for pre-owned luxury fashion, SO by Sora. Fun fact: the first 488 items were from Princess Sora bint Saud Al Saud’s very own collection; showcasing just how iconic her wardrobe is. Whether through her personal style or boutique, she’s redefining the very concept of elegance with heritage and modernity.

Nojoud Alrumaihi | @nojoud_alrumaihi 

A fashion and luxury consultant, Alrumaihi’s career speaks volumes about her personal style. After hosting several PR events for clients like Armani Beauty, Ferragamo, and Fendi, her marketing company attests to her dedication for fashion and keen eye for style, from her billowing gowns, to sharp everyday looks.

Lojain Omran | @lojain_omran

The Bulgari ambassador herself, Lojain Omran is no less than a fashion icon, as we’re used to seeing her rocking captivating ensembles on the bingeable Dubai Bling. As a prominent figure in the media, she has shown off her impeccable style through her collaborations with renowned designers such as Charbel Karam Couture and her attendance at high-profile fashion events like London Fashion Week. She has also ventured into fashion design with her brand Lojain Omran Fashions.

Hala Abdallah | @thehala

Founder of OFA, the fine jewellery brand, Hala Abdallah is continuously making marks in the fashion scene, and impressing masses with her own sense of personal style. She has also starred in Tommy Hilfiger’s TommyxZendaya collection campaign, and an ambassador for Tiffany’s, when not shooting for Fendi and Amina Muaddi. If you’re struggling for some outfit ideas, you can most certainly find inspo on her Instagram, which almost reads like a Pinterest fashion feed.

Waed | @waedhanan

When not belting out in songs, Waed can be spotted in larger-than-life gowns and breathtaking dresses while performing at weddings. Every look of hers tells a story of empowerment and individuality. For her music videos and album covers, she opts to sing a symphony of style, in pieces as powerful as her voice. She has been working on her own fashion line as well called ‘Waed Line’.

Lama Alakeel | @lama.alakeel 

Streetwear is the game, and Lama Alakeel is the central player. The fashion and beauty influencer is seasoned traveller, and her Instagram feed is a slideshow that transcends mere aesthetics and becomes a powerful expression of self. Attending fashion shows in London and Paris, her style has rocked the fashion capitals of the world. She has worked with major international brands like Tory Burch, Bvlgari, Hermes, MAC, Harvey Nichols and more.

Yara Alnamlah | @yaralnamlah 

She’s founded a matcha and coffee speciality brand, and her style is just as much a delicious blend of bold flavours. Yara Alnamlah has joined forces with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Longchamp and Dior. Her piercing looks are often accentuated by bold jewellery and to-die-for bags and shoes. A hijabi icon in the modest lane, Yara’s soft-spoken confidence reigns supreme in the fashion world.

Nada Baeshen | @nadabaeshen 

Entrepreneur and founder of a multi-brand boutique and contemporary fashion pop up, Nada Baeshen has been leading a new wave of style from the vibrant sands of Saudi Arabia to Paris, Dubai and New York. She struts along the streets in Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Micheal Kors, and doesn’t shy away from giving diverse brands a try.

Mila Al Zahrani | @milaalzahrani

The Saudi actress and Boucheron ambassador is known for her stunning red carpet looks. One of the most prominent Saudi actresses of her generation, Mila Al Zahrani often uses her voice to speak about women’s rights all while dressed to the nines, of course. There’s a reason the Maison chose her as an ambassador, and it’s not just her acting skills; she’s the very image of mesmerising style and elegance.

Ajwa Al Joudi | @ajwaaljoudi 

Her curly manes are not the only statement she makes with every outfit. TV presenter Ajwa Al Joudi is a big fan of colour, that much is evident, and we can’t help but love her eccentric pops of colour and juxtaposition of vibrant hues. She radiates sunshine with her bold statements, and has dominated the Boulevard Riyadh’s stage and red carpets like the Golden Globes, Emmy’s and Cannes Film Festival.


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