Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Abanob Raafat’s ‘Au-Del à Du Pouvoir’ is a Crimson Ode to Women

Drawing from the dramatic, the Egyptian designer crafts silhouettes that dance the line between the feminine and the daring.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

"What does a woman embody? That is the question I asked myself."

This philosophical curiosity serves as the genesis for Egyptian designer Abanob Raafat's latest collection, entitled 'Au-Delà du Pouvoir,' translating to 'Beyond Power.' The avant-garde designs explore the multitudes contained within womanhood.

"I felt a commonality between women and the color red; both embody so much - emotion, power, love, joy, and depth," Raafat tells Scene Styled. "My mother inspires me; I see all of these traits within her, and I am just held in awe by her all the time." This matriarchal muse moves Raafat to honor the complexity of women through fashion.

The collection features a dramatic amalgamation of fabrics and silhouettes, all awash in crimson. "I want to dress the bold, the dramatic, and those who seek to make a statement," Raafat states. Accordingly, the pieces range from sultry to severe. Satin, taffeta, crepe, and tulle sing in unison, complemented by plastic molded accents. A hat with trailing floor-length veil proves a showstopper.

Yet the variety of avant-garde shapes ultimately unites to tell one holistic story. Raafat elaborates, "Every silhouette sings a different tune, from freedom to power and love." A single model wears the full range of designs, communicating the message that a woman contains multitudes.

Ribbon-reminiscent power shoulders and a shimmering corset molded from red plastic marry artistry with wearability. The collection boldly announces that clothing can be both expressive and functional.

By exploring complex femininity through this avant-garde collection, Abanob Raafat asserts his position at the vanguard of Egyptian fashion. ‘Au-Delà du Pouvoir’ calls for interpretation rather than definition, honoring the nuance of womanhood. The designs invite the wearer into a spirit of confidence, freedom, and possibility.

As Raafat so succinctly puts it, "a woman can be everything and anything."


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