Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Aram Designs & Atelier Hekayat Collab Weaves Threads of Saudi Heritage

Fun fact: a certain Saudi star graces the collection’s campaign as a model.

Mai El Mokadem

Aram Designs & Atelier Hekayat Collab Weaves Threads of Saudi Heritage

Beneath a canopy of Saudi stars, a story unfolds. Not just a story of a land touched by moonlight, but a narrative woven with the love its people hold for their heritage's rich culture. Two Saudi brands, Aram Designs and Atelier Hekayat, have joined hands to create the Resort 2024 collection, a celebration of love and heritage which has been flawlessly stitched into every thread of its pieces.

The Resort 2024 collection is inspired by the many meanings and forms of love. To the designers, love is a commitment and an art, love is a gift and a collaboration. Love is interconnected, like the stitches that weave the fabric on the collection’s kimonos, crafted with hands that honour and dedicate the pieces to Saudi Arabia. It’s not only kimonos that reign in the collection; two-piece sets interlaced with rug-like hems, a green kaftan oozing royalty that shows the true definition of ‘kingdom’, and regal dresses manifesting Saudi’s heritage onto their very fabric are also included. The pieces are stamped by icons and symbols of the Kingdom, such as lanterns, crescent moons, camels and date palms.

The campaign for the collection features Saudi influencer, entrepreneur and fashion consultant Nojoud Alrumaihi, where she’s styled in traditional Diriyah woman dress, surrounded by mounts of carpets in traditional patterns mimicking the souks of Saudi. The rest of the pieces are shot in a stunning palace, reflecting the opulence of the collection. Notably, the team behind the shoot was all Saudi, celebrating the cultivated talents of the Kingdom.


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