Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Archives: Mervat Amin's Most Iconic Looks Throughout the Years

In light of the actress’ enduring influence on film and fashion, we’ve compiled a list dedicated to her most fashionable moments through the years.

Farida El Shafie

In the annals of Egyptian cinema and culture, one name gleams as brightly as the silver screen itself: ‘Fatenat Al Cinema’ Mervat Amin. Amin's journey through the decades is not just a cinematic odyssey but a sartorial spectacle, a timeless dance between talent and style. From her earlier appearances in films like ‘Hafeya Ala Gesr Al Zahab’ (1976) and ‘Tharthara Fawq Al Nile’ (1971), to her enduring influence on fashion in the Arab world in later works such as ‘Zoget Ragol Mohem’ (1988), Mervat Amin embodies the intersection of art and couture. In light of the actress’ enduring influence, we’ve compiled a list dedicated to her most fashionable moments through the years.

Hafeya Ala Gesr Al Zahab


If there’s one thing fashion actively posits, it’s the adherence to timeless stylistic choices. For Amin’s character, Camilia Selim, a chin length blonde bob perfectly embodied that sentiment.

Al Mawed Magazine


When prompted to envision Amin, a certain bouncy brown blowout comes to mind. Embodying the 70s retro trends of the time, Amin paired the loosely coiffed hair do with a baby pink sundress as paused to pose for Al Mawed Magazine in 1972.

Al Kawakeb Magazine


Striking a nonchalant pose on the cover of Al Mawed Magazine in 1972, Amin opted for a flirty tank top and mini skirt as she presumably called to check in on her weekly roster of ‘men that are obsessed with me’. What else do film star barbies do on weekends?

Al Bahth A’n Fadiha


Amin’s role as Hanan in the 1973 classic, ‘Al Bahth A’n Fadiha’ saw her leaning into the frosty makeup trends of time (blue eyeshadow and metallic lips included).

Zoget Ragol Mohem


If we had to succinctly describe Mona’s boklat (hair rollers) in ‘Zoget Ragol Mohem’ we’d perhaps confidently label them as the film’s supporting actors - a fashion statement is a fashion statement nonetheless.

Tharthara Fawq Al Nile


The Naguib Mahfouz adaptation oversaw Amin sporting braided headbands and an endless array of flirty two-piece sets.

El Hafeed


If there’s one thing the actress kept closer in proximity than her affinity for film, it’s her love of big bouncy blowouts; a sentiment her role in the 1974 classic, ‘El Hafeed’ exemplified.


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