Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Birkenstock Makes Its Egypt Debut With Three Stores in Cairo

Yes, you can now shop the classic Boston’s (in all their varying colourways) from your humble Cairo abode.

Farida El Shafie

Birkenstock Makes Its Egypt Debut With Three Stores in Cairo

At times, the words ‘closet staple’ are used in reference to basic white tees and pinstripe blazers, a phenomenon that at times forgets the comfort that lies within a classic cork-filled sandal. Yet, for true fashion aficionados, genuine style lies in recognising one's personal needs and stashing away the heels to make room for a pair of Birkenstocks when the occasion (i.e all day every day) calls for it. That said, Birkenstock (yes, THE Birkenstock) has made its Egypt debut with three stores in Cairo.

Since 1774, the Birkenstock family has been cobbling shoes made to last in the German countryside. With the rapid industrialisation of Europe, the family founded a company that would continue to create footwear that kept up with - if not defined - the latest trends and science. Now, centuries later, the global lifestyle brand has opened its first stores in Egypt, with even more locations planned across the country within the year.

Birkenstock's new stores showcase a curated selection, seamlessly blending classic elegance and contemporary flair, from the timeless Arizona to the chic Boston. These products uphold the label’s legacy of 'Naturgewolltes Gehen', or ‘Walking as Nature Intended’, footwear, which honours its orthopaedic roots with a footbed that mimics the effects of natural yielding ground and mirrors a footprint in the sand. Designed to naturally support the foot, the iconic footbed is the heart and soul of every Birkenstock sandal, clog and shoe.

You can currently find Birkenstock at their three locations across Egypt: a mono-brand store at Mall of Arabia Gate 9, another at Level 2 of Mall of Egypt, and a third store at Level 3 of Cairo Festival City Mall.


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