Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Cairo’s Nina the Brand Drops Dreamy ‘Sirena in Italia’ Collection

Ariel would totally wear these.

Mai El Mokadem

Cairo’s Nina the Brand Drops Dreamy ‘Sirena in Italia’ Collection

Nina the Brand, an Egyptian swimwear brand, has unveiled its latest SS '24 collection, 'Sirena in Italia’, with new items dropping every week on their social media like a sartorial cliffhanger. Founder and creative director Noureen Amin's transformative month-long sojourn in Italy sparked a creative fire in her, where she wanted to manifest the Italian Riviera and its warmth into her designs.

Reflecting on her Italian adventure, Amin shares, "Italy healed me and became the catalyst to my creative process." This collection embodies the essence of her trip, translating the vibrant, healing experience into every stitch and design. "I want to pass the feeling I felt when I was in Italy to every girl who will wear the swimsuits. Happy, comfortable, confident, and beautiful," Amin adds.

The collection features swimsuits adorned with floral motifs inspired by Rome's flower trucks, as seen in the Amalfi Set. “These stands are a symbol of love and affection, a sentiment echoed in the delicate blooms that grace the fabric,” Amin reveals, infusing each piece with romantic sentiment. The colour palette pays homage to the stunning landscapes of Italy - its sun-soaked beaches and cerulean waters that match the sky- like Cinque Terre and Portofino. Playful polka dots, a nod to classic Italian fashion as spotted frequently on their bustling streets, add a whimsical touch to the collection, in the Sicilia Set.

Amin describes the inspiration behind 'Sirena in Italia' as a mermaid's dreamlike journey along the Mediterranean shorelines, “A mermaid washes ashore on the Italian coast and lives a dream of self-exploration, love and la dolce vita…” This narrative is woven into the collection, creating pieces that exude beauty, comfort, and softness. As a little playful surprise, Nina the Brand includes charms to accessorise the bikinis; Seashell, Starfish and Evil Eye.

Each bikini is an ode to Amin's personal experiences and memories from Italy, making this collection particularly unique. "This collection is so special and personal to me," she reflects, and the swimsuits mirror that symbolism, offering wearers a piece of Italy's magic and Amin's heartfelt journey.


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