Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Egypt’s Shahira Lasheen Tames Arabian Horses With Luxurious Threads

Horses are a girl’s best friend. The Egyptian label celebrates the majesty of Arabian horses with bejewelled pieces.

Mai El Mokadem

Egypt’s Shahira Lasheen Tames Arabian Horses With Luxurious Threads

Egypt-based label Shahira Lasheen weaves tales of empowerment and elegance into her latest ‘Ateeq’ collection. The collection is a captivating narrative woven with the rich tapestry of Arab culture and the spirit of the iconic Arabian horse. Just like these noble steeds, the women of this region are celebrated by the brand for their loyalty, grace, and enduring strength.

Adorning their pieces with diamonds, embroidery, and crystal leaf motifs, Shahira Lasheen revives Egyptian heritage in intricate craftsmanship, incorporating the Qasabji technique from the Ceremony No.5 collection, and adding symbols from the upcoming Al Qahira 20 Couture collection.

“Amidst the challenges in the jewellery industry, the Ateeq collection calls for supporting craftsmanship in Egypt,” Shahira Lasheen, the founder and creative director of the brand, tells SceneStyled. “Handcrafting is not a dying or new industry. It faces challenges due to a shortage of skilled labour and raw materials. This is a plea to support the artisans and encourage fashion designers to utilise jewellery.”

Through pieces like ‘Long Sleeved Off-White Crepe Corset Jumpsuit’, and ‘The Gold-Plated Metal Cravat Necklace’ - as well as its off-white counterpart, which is one of the real stars of the collection - the collection emphasises modesty and regality, alongside ‘The Fully Embroidered Stole’ and its signature headpiece. Inspired by Cairo 20, these are captivating centrepieces that pair seamlessly with their ensembles.

More than anything, the collection empowers femininity and the unwavering spirit of Arab women through pieces like ‘The Studded High Neck Two-Piece Dress’, which is embellished with studs and diamonds, ‘The Long White Crepe Dress’ with its heart-shaped black bustier, ‘The Maxi Dress’, which cascades like a desert wind, and the ‘Three-Piece Dress’, with an attention-commanding silver disco corset and romantic fluidity in its gathered, silk satin pants.

“We infused the characteristics and qualities of horses into the collection, drawing inspiration from their colours, physical structure, and texture of their skin, interpreted through designs such as the corset and sharp lines, as well as curved silhouettes,”Lasheen says. “Our goal was to convey the power of horses in the designs, incorporating elements that evoke that strength and transferring that feeling to the women who wear them.”

The family-owned brand linked their connection with horses to equestrian sports, and how they discovered profound similarities between horses and women. “Arab women have shaped monumental Arab civilizations, deserving utmost respect and tribute,” Lasheen says.

You can visit Shahira Lasheen’s showroom at Garden City in Cairo.


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