Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Egyptian Bag Label Horra Crafts Functional Art for Women, by Women

Launched in 2020, the label works tirelessly to help empower women through financial stability.

Mai El Mokadem

Egyptian Bag Label Horra Crafts Functional Art for Women, by Women

Inspired by women who fight tirelessly, Egyptian brand Horra handcrafts wearable art through handbags and purses. Founded by Laila El-Shaarawy, Horra’s creations are made with the resilient women who navigate the challenges of financial instability in mind.

The name ‘Horra’ was derived from the Arabic phrase meaning ‘to be liberated’. “This is the aim of the brand, to make our women, crafters and customers free, financially, socially and mentally,” Founder Laila El-Shaarawy tells SceneStyled.

Horra was launched in 2020, a time of global hardship and quarantine. Horra aimed to provide skilled women across Egypt with remote job opportunities and a source of income. “Women are always there to help their kids and families unconditionally, so who’s gonna help them?” El-Shaarawy tells us. “From a 35-year-old woman who, thanks to Horra, was able to pay her homeschooling fees and graduate, to countless others who've gained financial independence, these stories fuel our passion.”

Since its founding, the label experimented with bead manipulation and material exploration, crafting unique pieces that transcended mere accessories. Horra's design process begins by immersing itself in evolving fashion trends, customer preferences, and rich cultural influences.

Yet, the heart of Horra lies in its conceptual core. This process delves deeper, exploring themes and motifs that underpin each collection.. “Whether inspired by nature, history, or contemporary issues, the goal is to create a cohesive visual story in our shoots that complements the structure and aesthetic of the designs,” El-Shaarawy explains. The brand experiments with the synergy between the designs and the creative direction, from the bag's structure to the photoshoot's styling and location. Bold contrasts, dynamic compositions, and striking visuals become the language that speaks to Horra’s message of empowerment and individuality.


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