Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Egyptian Designer Christine Massarany’s Latest Line is a Retro Dream

Akin to a series of maximalist paintings, Christine Massarany’s Rétro Luxe SS24 Collection is both daring in presentation, and sophisticated in silhouette.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Egyptian Designer Christine Massarany’s Latest Line is a Retro Dream

Who among us hasn't dreamed of walking like a 1960s Hollywood starlet in towering heels and shimmering hues? With her latest collection, Rétro Luxe, Christine Massarany makes that vintage fantasy an attainable reality for the modern woman. Drawing inspiration from the eclectic aesthetics of the not-so-distant past, the homegrown Egyptian womenswear label is bringing lamé back in style this summer.

"The inspiration behind Rétro Luxe stemmed from a combination of trend observation, runway influences, and looking back into our own brand identity," shares Creative Designer Christine Massarany with SceneStyled. "We carefully integrated retro aesthetics with modern silhouettes." Luxurious fabrics like guipure lace, sequins, and lamé woven with metallic threads bring a shine to each silhouette.

According to Massarany, meticulous material selection was key to achieving the retro-luxe spirit: "Our focus was on simple yet refined designs that highlight the richness and uniqueness of these fabrics we selected."

The collection caters to the multidimensional modern woman through its versatility. "Each piece was crafted to be adaptable, allowing women to effortlessly transition from their different roles while feeling empowered," notes Massarany. Flared trousers, pencil skirts, and balloon-cut dresses dominate in comfortable cuts suited to any occasion. Bralettes crafted from the collection's opulent textures serve as layering staples with endless styling potential.

Akin to a series of maximalist paintings, pieces within the Rétro Luxe collection blend bold prints with geometric designs and the occasional splash of tie-dye, creating ensembles that are both daring in presentation and sophisticated in silhouette. When selecting hues for the season, Massarany strategically considered how to complement Middle Eastern skin tones.

"Rather than simply following trends, my focus is on creating designs that resonate with women, particularly Middle Eastern women," she explains. The thoughtfully chosen palette, leaning more towards pastels and greys, ensures global trends intersect harmoniously with the aesthetics of the brand's core demographic.

Christine Massarany Designs, founded in 2017, draws on Parisian influences, highlighting intricate embellishments, feminine silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics. Through its latest collection, the eponymous label has stayed true to its ethos.


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