Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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Egyptian Label Amina K Comes ‘Full Circle’ With New Capsule Collection

Giving forgotten archival fabric a new lease on life, the new ‘K-apsule’ drop features quilted jackets woven from waste.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Egyptian Label Amina K Comes ‘Full Circle’ With New Capsule Collection

“We believe that every piece of fabric will eventually find its place, whether in the beginning or in the end - coming full circle."

Egyptian fashion label Amina K has unveiled its latest capsule collection, doubling down on the slow-fashion label’s sustainability principles. Titled ‘Full Circle,’ the collection features an array of artfully crafted quilted jackets created entirely from the brand's archival fabrics. For over a decade, Amina K founder and creative director Amina Khalil has steadily built the label into a champion of Egyptian craft and a leader in sustainable practices. 

Prioritizing quality over quantity and timelessness over fleeting trends, Amina K collections are intended to stand the test of time. With "Full Circle," Khalil sought to take this commitment even further by giving new life to leftover fabrics that have accumulated in the brand's archives over the years. 

"Before we start fresh, we vowed to use up all the leftover fabric we have – no matter how small or seemingly unusable," Khalil tells SceneStyled. The resulting jackets playfully utilize textures and colors from Amina K's sartorial history. Blues, blacks, grays and florals have been artfully quilted together in geometric patchworks, imbuing each piece with unique character and giving hitherto wasted fabrics a new lease on life. Some pieces feature fabrics fashioned with distinctive Egyptian prints, such as the ‘Omda’ jacket, paying homage to traditional upper Egyptian wear.

Through "Full Circle," Amina K (literally) comes full circle in its commitment to sustainability, closing the loop on its archive and ensuring nothing goes to waste. The collection demonstrates how the principles of slow fashion can breathe new life into a brand's heritage, moving it forward into the next decade.


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