Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Egyptian Label 'The Front Row Studios' Debuts With Monochromatic Line

Just launched in November 2023, The Front Row Studios is paying homage to 90s silhouettes.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Bringing a touch of retro charm to the Egyptian fashion scene, The Front Row Studios’ debut collection - inspired by the aesthetics of the 1990s and 2000s - exudes luxury with a laidback sensibility. Having just made its debut this November, The Front Row Studios represents the vision of its young founder, Malak Hany, of combining refined elegance with casual wearability. 

The collection mainly features simple yet chic pieces in monochromatic hues of black and brown, from the ‘essential dress’ and ‘butter dress’ to satin skirts and two-piece sets. These streamlined silhouettes allow each garment to become a multitasking workhorse in any wardrobe.

"I really wanted to bring back the feel of luxury streetwear mixed in with chic refinement," Malak Hany tells SceneStyled of her inspirations. Growing up immersed in the worlds of fashion and style thanks to her mother, Hany cultivated her personal aesthetic over many years of research. She came to appreciate fashion's powerful influence on self-expression and mental wellbeing. 

As Hany shares with SceneStyled, the goal of her line is to empower women with confidence-boosting pieces. "That level of confidence can completely change someone’s life and attitude, from their body language to their mental health, and thus their decisions and newly found opportunities," Malak says. Whether through form-fitting silhouettes or statement accessories, each design is intended to make its wearer feel like "the only person worth looking at in the room," giving each woman a front row seat to her own story.

This philosophy of using fashion to uplift women has been two years in the making for Hany. She saw a need for apparel in the Egyptian market that blended luxury materials, enduring styles, and statement-making designs to help women embrace their self-worth. "If it's one thing I advocate for online, it’s the power of confidence and the importance of knowing your self-worth and showing it as well," Hany says.

The Front Row Studio's initial offering mainly focused on neutral hues like black, brown and gold to serve as versatile bases. But moving forward, Hany plans to introduce brighter pops of color especially for warmer seasons. She also aims to expand the label's range of statement pieces. "We want to play with as many colour combinations as possible, especially for our signature looks," Hany shares.

Accessories will grow to complement outfits, beginning with gold jewellery launching this month alongside three new apparel designs. The Front Row Studios looks poised to become a promising player in contemporary Egyptian fashion through a blend of nostalgic charm and confidence-driven aesthetics.


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