Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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FIRST LOOK: Inside The World’s First Zara Cafe in Dubai

Because everyone knows a proper shopping date requires an adequate cup of coffee and a slice of cake…

Ziyad El-Helbawy

FIRST LOOK: Inside The World’s First Zara Cafe in Dubai

Spanish fashion giant Zara has unveiled its most opulent Middle Eastern hub with the grand reopening of its flagship store at Dubai's Mall of the Emirates. Recently redesigned over several months, the highlight goes beyond the expanded men's, women's, and home collections - it's the all-new Zara Collective Café.

Freshly inaugurated on November 16th, the renovated store marks the region's maiden Zara Collective Café. Nestled within the flagship store's earth-toned ambiance, the chic café mirrors Zara's sleek aesthetic, offering a serene spot to unwind. Drawing inspiration from select pieces in Zara Home's collections, the café boasts a menu featuring coffee, tea, and delightful pastries, all adorned with the brand's logo crafted in decadent buttercream icing.

In adherence to Zara's sustainability pledge, the store is designed for significantly reduced energy and water consumption, layering an eco-conscious ethos into the avant-garde shopping (and now, café-hopping) venture. Additionally, the expanded flagship store sets aside space for artistic performances, showcasing Zara's evolution into a destination that transcends conventional retail.

Is this the glimpse of retail's future or the embodiment of the stylish now? One thing's certain - shopping expeditions just got a whole lot more chic and caffeine-fueled at Zara in Mall of the Emirates.


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