Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Finding Sustainability in Design at ‘From Waste to Good Taste’ Event

This event will take place from April 19th to the 21st at The Factory and The Hangar in Downtown Cairo, in partnership with Cocoon Cultural Centre, Almah and Egyptian Clothing Bank.

Mai El Mokadem

Finding Sustainability in Design at ‘From Waste to Good Taste’ Event

Launched in response to the rise of fast fashion and the severe environmental impact it has, ‘From Waste to Good Taste’ - a sustainable design initiative - is being launched in Downtown Cairo to foster conscious consumerism by empowering and educating fashion enthusiasts. Running from April 19th to the 21st, the initiative will take place at The Factory and The Hangar, both spaces belonging to Al Ismaelia For Real Estate Investment. Presented by Cocoon Cultural Centre, the event spreads awareness and showcases practical and actionable sustainable solutions in both design and fashion.

“Egyptians already have sustainable practice in their culture and heritage, and we aim to develop these practices and support their ability to compete in the mainstream design world,” Mariam Ramy Shaath, Egyptian-Palestinian co-founder of From Waste to Good Taste and co-owner of Cocoon Cultural Centre, tells SceneStyled.

Amongst the many ways From Waste to Good Taste will support local sustainability initiatives is by showcasing clothing products made by Almah, a social enterprise that creates pieces by up-cycling resources provided by Egyptian Clothing Bank. Almah will also sell vintage pieces collected by Egyptian Clothing Bank and provide awareness workshops. From Waste to Good Taste will then give the profits back to Egyptian Clothing Bank, so they can continue their work of providing clothing to those in need.

From Waste to Good Taste’s spaces are curated with ease and simplicity in mind, without compromising aesthetics or style. An example of this is ‘From Waste to Good Art Exhibition’, which puts sustainability in the context of a modern living space. Each interactable section highlights real-life ways to go green, from water-saving technologies to energy-saving lights and appliances to reclaimed pipes and pallets. These areas display designs made from recycled wood, reclaimed glass, repurposed metals and more.

But we’ve barely scratched the surface. The event is full of activities and fun recreations. “I’m most looking forward to the upcycling workshops, the Vintage Museum and the interaction with sustainable brands,” Shaath shares. “I’m also really excited for the community vibe, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and feel the energy of collective action towards a better future.” Shaath emphasises that people will be able to go home with a souvenir that they made themselves during the workshops.

Besides Shaath’s highlights, there will also be games, styling room, a sustainable brands market, a short documentary screening, fund raising, silent auction and food and drinks. “I’m also hoping fruitful partnerships will flourish as a result and existing large brands that operate with a fast-design model could be inspired to slow things down,” Shaath adds.

At the end of the day, Shaath hopes that the visitors see sustainability in their homes and their clothing choices as “achievable, accessible, and even stylish”, and triggering behavioural change on the long-term.


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