Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Georges Hobeika Drops Whimsical SS24 Collection Inspired by Arab Women

Like Arabian tales dripping from Scheherazade’s lips…

Mai El Mokadem

Georges Hobeika Drops Whimsical SS24 Collection Inspired by Arab Women

Fresh off the runway, Maison Georges Hobeika Couture Spring 2024 blooms as the Lebanese house’s latest revelation, drawing inspiration from and paying tribute to the Arab world- a first for the Maison. This collection celebrates the glamour and beauty of Middle Eastern women, the vibrant and imaginative elements of the region's culture, and the profound sense of warmth and kindness that permeates the region.

The designs seamlessly blend elements of nostalgic childhood memories with the exuberance of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, capturing the joyous spirit of those eras' celebrations. At the same time, a touch of contemporary modernism infuses the collection for a sleek and current aesthetic. The use of a vibrant colour palette, along with playful and intricate details, reflects the warmth and vitality of the Arab spirit, conveying a sense of hope and compassion. To co-creative directors Georges and Jad Hobeika, this collection serves as a heartfelt tribute to the women and the culture that have nurtured them and continue to inspire their creative journey.

In the 60s, Beirut was as glamorous as the ladies stepping out of hair salons on their route to a dazzling night out. This moment, the glimpse of time imbued with the joie de vivre of the golden eras, is one that inspired Georges Hobeika. Even the classic Arabic cup of coffee, an essential in our social gatherings, was reinvented into an earring. You can see every detail of the spirit that set alight to the designers’ passions, from tapestries and rugs inspiring textures, to the tales of A Thousand and One Nights shimmering in the translucent fabrics.

The heartbeat of the culture is mirrored in every playful burst of colour, oriental-inspired detail, glittering motif and ethereal designs in red, green, pink, purple and blue. The collection adds a dash of modernity with their intricate techniques, like using 3D flowers, in contrast to the oriental rug-like fringes of their bags. Georges Hobeika pays as much meticulous detail and attention to the menswear in the collection, with embroidered ties and suits, and loose-fitting pants in luxurious material.

Blurring the lines between sensuality and modesty, the collection is reminiscent of an oriental dance, from the striking details of ombre gloves, to sensual cut-outs, column silhouettes and fitting dresses.


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