Monday June 24th, 2024
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Lebanese Couturier Rami Kadi Drops AlUla-Inspired Collection

A mirage across the sands of AlUla, Rami Kadi's ‘Les Miroirs’ blooms in the desert.

Mai El Mokadem

Lebanese Couturier Rami Kadi Drops AlUla-Inspired Collection

Lebanese-American designer Rami Kadi has painted a technicolor oasis on the canvas of haute couture. His Spring/Summer 2024 collection, ‘Les Miroirs’, unveiled amidst the ancient wonders of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla in collaboration with AlUla Moments, is a shimmering fantasy of light, nature and history.

Set against the touristic hotbed’s famous Maraya, the world’s largest mirrored building, the collection’s brilliance dances across 32 couture gowns, each an intricate tapestry etched with richness of AlUla’s storied past. Scintillating sequins evoke the sun's kiss on desert sands, while holographic materials whisper hints at mirages glistening on the horizon. However, ‘Les Miroirs’ is more than just a visual spectacle, it's an ode to the land itself.

“Each piece in ‘Les Miroirs’ is a reflection of AlUla's stunning landscape and rich cultural tapestry," Rami Kadi tells SceneStyled. "By marrying modern design with ancient inspiration, we celebrate the enduring nature of beauty.”

The collection champions the conservation of the Arabian Leopard, a symbol of strength and resilience in this unforgiving landscape.


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