Monday May 20th, 2024
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Lebanese Designer Georges Farah Releases Red Hot SS’24 Collection

The Poppy Collection from Georges Farah overwhelms our wardrobes with its crimson and currant red hues.

Mai El Mokadem

Lebanese Designer Georges Farah Releases Red Hot SS’24 Collection

A whirlwind of audacious colour palettes, deconstructed drama and statement appliques, the Poppy Collection from Georges Farah is smolderingly hot. The Lebanese designer just unveiled the new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, and it’s got us seeing red (with excitement, of course).

This collection is striking, to say the least. It overwhelms you with its crimson and currant red hues, bombarding your field of view and demanding your attention. Then, when you get past the boldness and the brightness of the palette, you start to notice another dramatic detail; the giant appliques and structural overlays. The pieces are shaped after the poppy flower, from structure to construction to colour, mimicking its form in three-dimensional strokes while the fabric and textures copy the flower’s fragility.

The floral muse is reflected in all of the collection’s pieces, from the delicate flower motifs imprinted onto the sixth drop’s flowy skirt, to the petal structures and sequined embroidery in the black-red dress of the seventh drop. Petal structures are a statement signature throughout the flamboyant dresses, with its budding stage highlighted in the first drop, and its layered quality embodied in the third drop. 3D flower motifs (a major hit and trend this SS’24 season) take the spot in the fifth drop, from the trailing skirt all the way up to ruched halter-neck.

Our SceneStyled picks from the collection would have to be the glamorous second dress and eighth drop. Both dresses have a single design in common; the erect flower and stem structure around the bodice, sprouting upwards until it surprasses the wearer’s face, and creating that sense of drama that one normally only gets while watching Gossip Girl.


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