Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Lebanese Label Steffy Reimagines Wearable Art to the Literal Sense

“Steffy is akin to a breath of fresh air, embodying the essence of the first day of summer—happy, colourful, and joyful.”

Mai El Mokadem

Lebanese Label Steffy Reimagines Wearable Art to the Literal Sense

Many brands claim to offer 'wearable art', but few can truly deliver on that promise. Lebanese-born Steffy is one such exception. Their ethos revolves around vibrant colours, aiming to spread joy through their ready-to-wear pieces. "Steffy embodies the essence of happiness and positivity. We try to implement that through vibrant colours, which we believe have the power to evoke feelings of joy and contentment," shares Steffy Gemayel, the founder of the lifestyle brand.

"If I could describe my personal style, I’d say it blends funkiness with chic elegance," Gemayel says. "Unable to find a brand that truly matched my style, I embarked on designing my own clothing line, inspired by my mother's conceptual art." Steffy was born out of the founder’s desire to connect with her mother's artistic legacy, blending Gemayel’s background in design with her mother's art collages. The COVID-19 lockdown prompted a creative turn for Gemayel and her mother, leading them to delve into the world of crochet. Their passion for the craft blossomed, culminating in the launch of their first crochet bag in spring 2020, which received overwhelming support and sparked growing demand for their unique creations.

Gemayel explains, "It's a concept rooted in creating fresh experiences, novel sensations, and unique perspectives. Through experimentation, we play around with trendy colour combinations and new fusions, drawing inspiration from art to reinterpret it in our distinctive style." Steffy's collections feature colours, patterns, and art, resulting in curated masterpieces that transcend mere clothing.

Gemayel’s background in jewellery design and gemology imbues her clothing with meticulous attention to detail, blending custom fabrics and intricate touches. "I apply the same level of knowledge and attention to detail from my career in jewellery to my fashion brand." These creations draw inspiration from the cities she has visited or lived in - London, Florence, and Beirut - which have indelibly shaped her artistic vision.

Steffy caters to all genders and ages, offering an extensive range of products beyond clothing. "Steffy defies categorization; it can't be confined to one identity," Gemayel says. The brand's product portfolio includes wool berets, leather gloves, jewellery, straw bags, cushions, candles, baby blankets, and artwork from Gemayel’s mom. Additionally, Steffy offers a wide range of clothing, from abayas to beachwear, eveningwear, knitwear, blazers, coats, and more. "These seemingly small details are what make Steffy truly unique in every possible way."

"Steffy transcends the typical notion of a shop or fashion brand—it's a pervasive presence, always capturing attention. Our clothing designs are impossible to overlook, drawing inspiration from joyful memories, serene places, or stunning sunsets." This passion permeates the brand's pieces, turning them into narratives of wool, crepe, linen, velvet, and latex. Crochet is also a signature style of Steffy, present in all their current collections. "Presently, the majority of my creations are either entirely handcrafted in crochet or embellished with elaborate crochet motifs."

The brand's pieces are handmade in Lebanon, using recycled cotton and upcycled fabric and yarn. "The essence of the brand lies in its craftsmanship, meticulously made by a collective of women," she explains. "My main focus over the past few months has been on launching Steffy 2.0 - a brand in line with Steffy’s identity, but catering to brides and wedding parties," Gemayel reveals regarding future plans. Steffy 2.0 encompasses wedding dresses and evening gowns with the colors and prints that define Steffy's core identity.


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